image One of the last interviews I conducted at SxSWi was with John Atkinson, Co-Founder and CEO of PimpMyNews, one of the first companies I did a full fledged review of during my tenure at Mashable.

We met by chance on the last day of SxSWi in the blogger lounge, and after he introduced himself to me as being from PimpMyNews, I was a little apprehensive since it wasn’t exactly a positive review (I think it was snarkily titled “PimpMyNews: Fun For 10 Minutes.”

Surprisingly, and this doesn’t happen often in this business, the negative points I brought up in my review were taken to heart and incorporated in further features in the app.  From John’s posting at the company blog:

Mark’s review […] cited several positive features, but his “verdict” was that, without significant enhancements, people might not be able to listen to the service for an extended period of time.

If you keep up with this blog, or use PimpMyNews, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve released a constant stream of enhancements and new products over the past year. These enhancements are based on your feedback, and feedback from Mark, and other members of the press.

Here’s the interview we did over at the smoking lounge outside the blogger lounge. He shows off a few of the new PimpMyNews iPhone app features and talks about the future of the web app.

Rizzn with John Atkinson of PimpMyNews

Download the MP4 here.

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