image I’ve been talking to and catching up with all my SxSW contacts today – and an amazing number of them are still suffering from the what’s being called the South by Scurvy, or SxSARS by others.

I was feeling better from my bout some time last week. The symptoms of the disease are not pretty. The best way to elegantly describe it is the worst case of Montezuma’s Revenge you’ve ever had (think: Dave Barry’s description of his colon cleanser), and severe fatigue that keeps you in bed for most of the day, and intense body ache – possibly fever as well.

Since I was one of the few who seems to have defeated my illness quickest, I thought I’d start a discussion around finding the cure.  Sure, it isn’t a Twestival for Ethiopian well water or anything, but it’s a fairly good cause.

My cure was copious amounts of sleep, Aleve, orange juice and Pepto Bismol. It isn’t a tasty combo, but it got the job done.

What worked for you?

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