In case you missed Robert Scoble’s positively orgasmic news leak on Friendfeed’s new design yesterday, well, you missed a bit of comedy gold. He posted simply:

“The video will be embargoed until Monday morning but Paul Buchheit (left) and Bret Taylor just told me that they will show us a new friendfeed design but then said we can’t talk about it until Monday morning. It will be on the beta site then, not the real site. I will see if there are other details we can reveal they will come over next hour.”

To which Venturebeat’s Eric Eldon replied: “Scoble, i’m here at Friendfeed HQ, too, looking across the room at you. I assumed they meant “don’t talk about it until Monday” but maybe not I guess.”

It’s been 24 hours, and already the new design has been leaked by resourceful FFer, Alp:


Seriously, though, looking forward to what’s got everyone buzzing.

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