Here are my thoughts, brought over from a Friendfeed thread I started to catalogue my objections.

I’m very slowly getting used to I haven’t come to my decision yet. I’m leaning slightly against it.  I like that real-time is an option, but I’d almost rather my Friendfeed experience not be chatlike in nature.

More on that later, likely at SiliconANGLE.

Here, now, are the things I miss in the Beta Friendfeed (that were present in the current live version):

  • That friendly icon that says what service the item came from.
  • That all-white snowfield of a webpage.
  • The ease of getting to groups. In fact, I miss almost everything that was on that right column.
  • Just found another MAJOR dis-like – the way to find a permalink for an entry is gone. Why don’t you try to click on “more” for me.
  • There used to be other stuff that would conditionally show up under that
    “more” link, as well, depending on the service it came from.

Some comments from others on that thread:

  • Mark the friendly icon that says where it came from has been removed to take the advantage FF gained by just posting at FF 😉 – Nicholas James
  • I agree with all your points – Alejandro S.
  • I miss the source feed icon too – Susan Beebe
  • Mark: the permalink is now the time posted. Click on “20 minutes ago.” – Robert Scoble
  • FriendFeed said the Reshare didn’t make the beta push, but will be back. The moderate and edit options are now an “Edit” menu on your own feed items. – Mark Trapp
  • The only one I can think of was “View x in y” for Tumblr, Digg, and Mixx. I’d mention that in FriendFeed-Feedback (it probably was overlooked like Reshare). – Mark Trapp

Just some thoughts now.  More later.

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