I don’t tend to do a lot of iPhone app reviews, but local Dallas-ite Cali Lewis got a chance to sit down with Greg Grunberg, aka “not-baby Matt Parkman,” one of the stars of Heroes (a show I still prefer to Lost since things are actually explained once in a while).

In this episode of GeekBriefTV, Cali gets Greg to explain his new iPhone app called Yowza:

It’s an iPhone and iPod Touch app that uses your location to find deals near you. If you’re out shopping, you can find out what stores are offering deals near you, in either a 5, 10 or 15 mile radius. The app also lets you search by city to enable you to plan ahead and still save money.

I’m not a particularly huge proponent of the iPhone, though I can certainly recognize the brilliance of this idea, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Greg’s savvy in spearheading the project. 

On the topic of life on Twitter post Oprah – I’m guessing we can expect to see more projects like this spearheaded by celebrities. One of the things that Twitter makes almost effortless for those with large enough social graphs is crowdsourcing ideas like this.

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