image Last night, Sean, Steven and I recorded the inaugural episode of the Cynical Bastards show we call CobWEBS (i.e. Cranky Old Bastards on the InterWEBS).

The show is for our new flagship site we’ve launched, theCynicalBastards. It started as a thought Sean and I had while we were both at Mashable – starting a blog network showcasing the crankiest of the tech blogosphere.  The thought grew out of the fact that Sean and I took our headslapping at some of the infuriating things we saw on the web to each other almost incessantly throughout the day.

We would have launched the site ages ago, but really didn’t want to jeopardize our positions at the company by starting what could possibly be viewed as a competing venture.

Now that we’re all off on our own and ex-Mashers, we have no such compunctions.  The only thing stopping us from launching it was to get the crankiest friend we both had, Steven, to sign up and join us.

How does it work?
Essentially, the site is an aggregator that syndicates all the stuff that Steven, Sean and I write and record on a daily basis, organized by topic and category.

“We get away with this” by linking directly to the source, rather than scraping the feeds and hosting them locally. We rented a few servers at a good price using a HostGator Black Friday Deal 2016 afterwards when the test was complete – but for the sake of this example, we didn’t host locally.  This means that as TheCynicalBastards grows in popularity as a destination site, we’ll be able to offer those we freelance for a better bang for their bucks, being able to funnel more traffic their way.

We’re also able to combine our pageviews, like any blog network, and get better sponsorship and ad deals.

You’ll Hear More Later
As the network evolves and grows, I’ll be providing more updates later on. In the meantime, enjoy three cranky old bastards pontificate about what bothers them in the week’s tech news on the show!

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