image Yesterday afternoon, Ernesto at TorrentFreak reported that Google has taken a quiet but definitive stance against the BitTorrent using public in blocking the access of over 28 million uTorrent users from searching the site through the use of “Google Custom Search.”


Of course, Ernesto trots out the “Don’t be evil” line, but aside from whether or not we can assign moral imperative to the move, it is fairly out of line for what I’d normally consider Google’s character to be.

BitTorrent as a technology really doesn’t interfere with or call into question any of Google’s over-arching business  strategies, and indexing and making accessible the world’s information is the company’s call to action. 

So what’s the problem?

I doubt we’ll hear official word from the company on this, but it’d sure be nice to hear them break their stoic silence on legal and censorship issues for once and say something.

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