image It’s amazing how fast things work in today’s always on world.  I just happened to catch a tweet earlier today regarding TVWeek going to an online-only publication, and Daisy Whitney, the woman behind the New Media Minute, potentially being on the open market.

I shot her an email, inviting her to be a contributor to the site I spend most of my days editing, SiliconANGLE (which she graciously accepted), and no sooner had I finished wrapping up that email thread with her, I caught an announcement at the top of Beet.TV saying she was being brought on board as a Senior Producer in the brand new San Francisco bureau of the site.

She’ll also be partnering with SiliconANGLE on the New Media Minute.  She’s moving the show to it’s new home at Beet.TV, but we at the ‘Angle will be an official distribution partner. You’ll be able to find her video updates there every week with a short write-up and any other thoughts she happens to have at the time of publication.

We’re glad to have her on board – I’ve been a long-time watcher of hers, and it’s cool to be able to work with her moving forward.

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