image Earlier this week, MG Siegler over at Techcrunch took note of the fact that Hulu has gotten more anal than ever about geo-retarding their content, even going so far as to block access from anonymous proxy servers in an effort to prevent those overseas from seeing content from Hulu producers.

As a side note, if our government worked as hard to secure sensitive servers overseas prying eyes, perhaps we wouldn’t have enough break-ins to keep Fergie posting to his blog on a near constant basis.

Asides aside, today Hulu announced that they’re striking deals with overseas producers to syndicate their content to Hulu.

“We’re having discussions in the top six to eight markets…we’re laying the groundwork,” said Andy Forssell, senior vice president of content acquisition and distribution.

There are so many interesting angles to pick apart and destroy about Hulu’s approach to content distribution – I wish I could get into them, but I’m at a McDonald’s serving my youngest son lunch, and my battery is about to die.

I just find it hilarious that they’re letting overseas producers give them content, and giving them the finger in return if they try to hit the play button.

In other news, watch for my buddy Steven Hodson to give himself a Gillmor over this later today.

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