image Earlier today I was absently and morosely looking at the decline in my visitor stats since last week I went altogether way too light on my posting on, and I paged over to my stats on, and had to do a double take.



Yesterday, my stats jumped up from a dismal 100-375 unique hits a day all the way up to nearly 10,000 uniques overnight. At the moment, my stats tracking is in its infancy (as I really didn’t intend for it to go as viral as it apparently has gone this quickly), so I’m not sure who’s responsible exactly, although I’m pretty happy to see it where it is.

I went through the database of URLs, and it appears as if this is being used for the purposes of simplifying affiliate links in addition to light usage all over Twitter.

It has me pondering the feasibility of monetization, though.  My ultimate plan for the site was to make a home for Twitter utilities of various types, though I’m not certain that’s set in stone.

I’ve got a few ideas on how to monetize it, but for the mean time, I’m keeping them under my hat until I work out all the logistics.

This weekend, I should have some better stat tracking in place (which I’ll make available to the public) as well as a bookmarklet to simplify URL creation on the fly.

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