image News comes today via NewTeeVee that Crackle is cutting off user uploads, in an email that was supposedly sent out to their users yesterday (though for some reason, I was excluded from this mailing):

[B]eginning June 1, 2009, general video uploading will no longer be supported by Crackle. Videos that you have previously uploaded to Crackle may still be available for viewing by accessing your profile page while logged in to Crackle, or by those who have bookmarked them. Sharing of uploaded videos via the “send” function in the video player is no longer supported. Consider taking some time to bookmark videos that you would like to continue to view. This availability, however, may be temporary. You should plan accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this transition has caused you.

I think it’s a poor move, all things considered.  I’m fairly certain that Sony’s own content isn’t what’s motivating the majority of their pageviews:

Still, as Sony doesn’t have an ad company backing them, it isn’t likely they’re going to beat Google / YouTube to the monetization brass ring.

I still can’t hope but wonder why they don’t at least try, though. backing out – actively de-emphasizing content that many other content video networks would kill to have?  I’m definitely scratching my head.

For those looking to find my content on Crackle, you should head on over to my member page, or scroll down for some of the highlights.

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