Steven Hodson noted last night that there is a crap-ton of Twitter conferences surfacing lately.

If you want to know my thoughts on these things, ask Mona.  She was online when I first caught wind of the 140 Characters Conference, and then stuck around later when I apologized for exposing her to a stream of obscenities.

It’s nothing personal about the guys behind the conference either.  I have great respect for Jeff Pulver, and in general I think Twitter is a great and versatile tool. But, like Steven, I don’t think you’ll ever see me at one of these conferences.

It’s not that there isn’t something to be learned about Twitter still – but do we need to pay as much as a grand or two just to talk about how to manage an account that only allows 140 characters?

Seriously – just stop what you’re doing – take a breath – ponder that for a moment. $1,500 for a day’s worth of pontification about Twitter.

Are these conferences for people who are bad at reading blogs? Can someone explain it to me?  If someone can figure out how to justify this, maybe I’ll flip my position… you know I can talk about Twitter all day long, and I’m just dying to find a auditorium full of rubes willing to pay me $1,500 a day to listen to my blather.

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