image … one of my best friends from high school has recently joined Twitter.

Louis and I used to surf the local East Texas BBS scene, and he and I were one of the first people to actually use the Internet in the area. He’s since left the tech field for greener pastures, but last month he finally got around to joining Twitter.

He’s also taken up the rare art of amateur zymurgism, or in other words he’s trying to brew some beer in his garage.

Rather than go through the trouble of creating a blog all about his microbrewery efforts, he’s decided to just tweet them.

“Most of what’s going on with my beer can be done in 140 characters,” he told me. He added, “I’m going to start a second batch this week of ale.”

Given all the ridiculous volume of twitter talk in the tech blogosphere, I thought it was perhaps newsworthy that someone was actually using Twitter as it was originally intended.

You can follow Louis here on Twitter.

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