image After my post over at SiliconANGLE, I’m glad to see what I hope represents a softening position at Forrester regarding the new proposed FTC guidelines on blogging and disclosure (discussed here, here and here).

Josh Bernoff posted at the Groundswell Forrester blog a nice recap of some of the controversy regarding this subject, and stopped short of endorsing the new guidelines, saying “I don’t expect all you gentle readers to agree with this — it’s too controversial a topic. But paying bloggers is here to say [sic]. So if you do it, do it right.”

I’m going to keep this short and sweet for two reasons: because I want my point to not get lost in other debatable semantics and my wife is serving a very enticing dinner right now.

There’s a big difference between endorsing best practices and having them mandated by law.

There are so many varying shades of gray in the New Media landscape when it comes to sponsorship and disclosure. It has to be – the landscape is constantly shifting.

The bottom line is that my words are constitutionally protected, and if I want to use them to undermine my own credibility, who is the government to say I can’t do that?

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