image Just a quick update – I’ll have more on this for you folks this week.

I just got pinged by Cali Lewis for my speaker information, which I guess confirms that I’ll be talking at this year’s WordCamp Dallas.

I had been racking my brain for a topic for several months – speakers block? – and I finally came up with a topic that I think is going to suit most of the folks who attend.  Every blogger, when they’re not blogging for a corporate website that is, has gone through the hair-pulling and depressing experience of seeing that AdSense balance hover around pennies a day.

Recently, in conjunction with Steven and Sean at the Cynical Bastards and with John Furrier over at SiliconANGLE labs, I’ve been tackling this problem head on.  It’s been fun to bring some of my Mashable experience to bear on this issue, and the interest in our private little blog network has been growing beyond what I could have ever imagine (which was my first clue that this might be a hot topic to bring to the conference).

I’ve currently got a rough outline of what I want to tackle in my mind – flat sponsorship, identifying your audience, knowing your niche, remixing ad networks, and basic terminology. Here’s what I put in my talk description, just to give you a better idea:

Getting Beyond Google AdSense: How to Make Money With Your Blog
Contextual-based advertising is so last year! Google’s AdSense is generally a good value for certain types of small business and product sellers on the Web, but has traditionally translated to little to no cash for the average ad-supported blogger. There are, fortunately, a world of unexplored networks our there, if utilized properly, that can greatly increase the return on pageviews for most bloggers. Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins will discuss some of his hard-won knowledge and try to answer questions based on his experiences monetizing blogs with 10,000 monthly pageviews up to millions.

I’m going to use you guys here in my audience to build my speech, so I want to get from you all your questions you may have about my experiences and discoveries. With that, I hope I’ll be able to better decide what’s important to include and what’s best to leave out.

So lend me a hand? Throw your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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