I’m on a live call with Michael Sean Wright (@nicefishfilms), Robert Scoble (@scobleizer), and Cyril Moutran (@mocy) right now, and we’re discussing Iran.

conversations with ? Along our curious path we have the occasion to converse with some really BIG thinkers. Thinking Out Loud is the raw stream from some of these encounters. On this SPECIAL edition: The trending issue today on Twitter is #CNN Fails. We’re joined by Robert Scoble of Building43, Cyril Mutran co-founder of Twazzup and Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins to discuss the rise of real-time news. The lack of coverage by the US News Networks was just stunning and showed the complete failure of old media to cover breaking events like the real-time web. You can track the Iran Elections on Twazzup or wait a lifetime for tv news networks to catch up.

Download the discussion here.

image I’ll do a longer, more analytical post Monday morning (or Sunday night).  At this point, though, I’ll just give the bullet points and encourage you to listen to the show.

  • Robert talked about how this is a watershed event – CNN passing off the baton (involuntarily) to Twitter. CNN’s brand is irreparably damaged.
  • Cyril talked a bit about what he’s seen on Twitter so far.
  • Robert and Michael talked about the iconic image of the protests so far.
  • Cyril talked a bit about how Twazzup makes it’s judgments on what to display.
  • I discussed how it’s being theorized that Iran shut everything down in the media.
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