image I can’t make a real cogent argument out of this tonight, because I’m sleep deprived, I need to finish my presentation for tomorrow, and I need to get to bed in the next 20 minutes or so.  I’m going to take a whack at it, though, quoting myself heavily from previous posts on the topic.

The UK Guardian has Eric Schmidt talking valiantly about the role of YouTube in #iranElection:

"We have lots of lawyers, lawyers in every one of these countries," Schmidt said. "We explain if they do this [block freedom of speech and communication] what will happen. Sometimes they moderate their behaviour and sometimes not. If they don’t listen to us it is at their peril."

Speaking to following the seminar, Schmidt expanded on this point: "By ‘peril’ I mean it is what the citizens will do, citizens can no longer be restricted by the kind of strategies evil dictatorships do… you can’t keep people in the dark."

If it’s so important to let free speech reign, why does YouTube have such a crappy record with free speech issues?


You know what time it is… it’s time for me to break out that old list of #youtubefail’s.  I’ll do that in a minute. Before I do that, though, I’d like to ask Eric why he allows this rogue arm of the company to continue to censor violence against protestors in Iran.  It continues to happen up to as recently as today – many of the protestors’ videos are taken down due to ‘violent content.’  Somehow, people aren’t willing to wag their finger at YouTube, even though I’ve clearly shown their horrible history on this topic and folks have seen Iran protest videos disappear before their very eyes.

I don’t know.  I’ll probably follow this up at SiliconANGLE or Inquisitr on Monday, but I wanted to get this out there before the whole thread died on Techmeme tonight.

Here’s the aforementioned and promised list of #YouTubeFail’s. Some updates since the last time I posted it.

Michelle Malkin: Censored for promoting hate speech, when she created a music montage showing victims of Muslim terrorist attacks in response to the Muhammed riots.
BumFights: Uncensored. Videos of actual homeless folks paid in sandwiches for beating the crap out of one another.
Handsome Hong Kong Guy Censored for showing videos of clothed local females with derogatory towards women music in the background.
This Pornography Advertisement Uncensored. It doesn’t show actual nudity or sex acts.
A Breast-Feeding Mother Censored over obscenity claims.
This Strip Tease Uncensored. A small area over the genitals remains covered for the duration of the minute and a half long strip tease.
An Egyptian Fellow Censored (then uncensored) for showing video evidence of local police brutality.
This GTA IV Ad Uncensored, despite depicting a police officer firing a gun into a crowd of civilians.
Iranian Protestors Censored (then uncensored, then censored) for showing peaceful protestors being killed by an oppressive regime.
Terrorist Recruiters Uncensored (then censored, then uncensored). Despite dire warnings from the US Senate, YouTube continues to allow Al Qaeda to recruit on YouTube, and vigilante groups / bury brigades do the work the company should do in the first place.

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