DARPA’s doing a challenge that’s just up my alley.  Well, the alley that you and I are on.

Check this out:

“To mark the 40th anniversary of the Internet, DARPA has announced the DARPA Network Challenge, a competition that will explore the role the Internet and social networking plays in the timely communication, wide area team-building and urgent mobilization required to solve broad scope, time-critical problems.

The challenge is to be the first to submit the locations of ten moored, 8 foot, red weather balloons located at ten fixed locations in the continental United States. Balloons will be in readily accessible locations and visible from nearby roadways.”

We can do this.  You and me, we’re community development experts. We talk about crowdsourcing and all kinds of Web 2.0 ridiculosity, and frankly, this is the only time we’ll have a real world application for our skills outside of building our next website.

So I want to organize a team to do this.  Leave a comment here if you’re interested in getting a piece of the $40k with me.  We’ll figure out the best way to do this together.  It should be easy.

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