More and more, I get the impression that the folks running the show at Google’s YouTube are incompetent boobs.

Over at Engadget:

YouTube pulls a Hulu — yanking API access from Popcorn Hour (Update: Google responds)


Hope you weren’t enjoying watching YouTube on the television screen via Popcorn Hour and other set-top boxes, as they have been given notice by the newly 1080p and network TV-friendly website that they are no longer welcome to access its content. The new Hulu-ish Terms of Service (section II, item 10) restricts API clients from the ability to "use the YouTube API in connection with any API Client created for use on television set top boxes, television game consoles, or video screens packaged and marketed as television sets;" according to Popcorn Hour COO Alex Limberis this applies to all with the exception of "a few strategic partner’s Google has singled out" — PlayStation 3, Wii, TiVo, Panasonic, Samsung and other licensed hardware is safe.

Basically, YouTube is saying – “Stop using our API until you pay us $XX,XXX.”

Democratized media.  Right.

Next thing you’ll tell me is that you don’t censor political speech, either.

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