… is that people don’t always want to hear you.

Take for instance my post today on Google Chrome.


One of the primary posts I was responding to was from Ben Parr, who is the last holdout who believes that Google’s going after Microsoft on this Chome OS thing.

I got 11 tweets (as of a few minutes ago).  Not shabby for a Friday, particularly on a topic where the market’s pretty saturated.


Looking at Ben’s blog post at Mashable – 1378 tweets.

I know my posts have influence because Ben’s the only pundit left pushing this angle – all others have modified their position, or buried that lede.

Still, there are times (like today) where I really miss having one of the largest platforms in tech for my opinions.

We’ll talk again next year.  The way SiliconANGLE is growing, I may not have to say this much longer. 🙂

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