image I am generally in agreement with everything Kara Swisher says.  I like Kara, and I can’t ever forget the fact that she more or less launched SiliconANGLE for us with an announcement over at Boomtown.

That said, she’s WAYYYY off base with her post yesterday that says of the DROID commercial:

Let’s put it this way: The 30-second clip makes Glenn Beck look like Gloria Steinem and Adam Lambert combined!

Similarly, I admire Paul Boutin, and all the work he did at Valleywag, and the generally bang-up job he’s done at VentureBeat since then, but he’s completely off the reservation when he says:

Likening the Droid phone’s speed to that of the Scud missile, a not-very-fast Russian rocket used by Saddam Hussein’s regime [is just plain wrong]. A Scud killed 28 Americans at an airbase in Saudi Arabia in 1991. Other Scuds have killed lots more civilians in the Middle East.

Is this ad edgy? No, it’s just clueless.

There might be other truly off base and retarded reviews of this commercial, but I haven’t found them yet.

What sort of commercial is this?  Is it a 30 second snuff film where Verizon is mercilessly killing female and gay iPhone owners?  Are there Apple-tattooed puppies being suffocated in rapid succession on this 30 second clip?  Perhaps there’s a picture of Steve Jobs with a Hitleresque mustache?

If you DARE, watch this and find out.

What? No imagery of a Queer Eye slaughterhouse?  No pictures of buxom blondes being beaten by Sergey Brin?

Nope. There’s a scud missile, a pink iPhone and an ink-ball.


And there’s this: it makes the repugnant suggestion that the iPhone is form over function, and might appeal to girly-girls.


So yeah. There’s that.

And there’s the fact that I asked a gay guy and two very opinionated women told me that they weren’t offended, including my wife.

If there’s anything I know from the few years I’ve been married, it is that my wife wins every argument (or at least the ones that I have with her), so that pretty much settles it.

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