Continuing the tradition from several weeks ago, where Sean floated the idea of the Chakotay Chronicles, I’m putting to digital paper the scarce appearances of Chakotay in the later episodes of Star Trek: Voyager.

Tonight’s episode was Season 6, Episode 24.  I recently moved, so I missed episodes 22 and 23, but probably didn’t miss much Chakotay.  Hopefully we’ll circle back to that later on.

The Synopsis

The Doctor is sent to the Alpha Quadrant to cure the dying creator of his program, Lewis Zimmerman, but the holography engineer wants no part of him.

Quick Thoughts

This is definitely a recommended episode.  The Doctor episodes are always great. This one, where he confronts his creator (as I said later on in my notes) reminds me a lot of the Data episodes from ST:TNG. This is one of the few episodes that doesn’t labor through artificially created conflict, poor character constructs, or unnecessarily uncomfortable drama.

It does feature, however, characters from ST:TNG with more screen time than most of the characters from ST:VOY.


It’s minute 28 and I’m beginning to think there’s no Chakotay this episode. I mean we’ve had Barclay for most of the show, and now we have freakin’ Deanna Troi, who isn’t even normally on this show at all.

Incidentally, this is one of the episodes I really like – it’s a Doctor episode. Reminds me a lot of the episodes of TNG where Data confronted his creator.

image Minute 29. OH HOLY CRAP!

Wait a second, here comes the man! Minute 29! We’re flashing back to Voyager for no apparent reason.

Chakotay: “Good morning.  Problem?”

I’m pausing the show while I type this.  You can count the beats between the two sentences here – you know he practiced this in front of a full-length mirror quite a bit.

“Good morning <pause>, <pause>, Problem?”

“No, that’s not right.  “Good MORNING! <pause>, <pau..> PROBlem, el Cap-ee-taann?”

“Nuh-uh… that won’t do.”

I like to go thru the mental exercise sometimes of imagining him practicing his line for each show. Gives me something to smile about.

At any rate, on with the scene.

Janeway: “Dunno.  Got a message from Admiral Hayes.”

Chakotay: “Good to have friends in high places.”

Janeway plays back a message, while Chakotay looks over her shoulder pensively. Chakotay speaks a few lines about he’s a Marquis and he’s comfortable with the scrutiny he’ll get when he returns to the Alpha Quadrant.

And done! Less than a minute on screen! Back to the Alpha quadrant with the Doctor!

Total on screen time: about a minute.

Total On Screen Time: ~60 Seconds

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