You know I never fail to miss an opportunity to say “See, I told you so.”  Nothing irritates me more, though, than when someone claims victory for my prognostications.

Arrington boycotted me on the gPhone story in 2007 (though there was a Crunchgear story quoting me. It’s now been redacted, it would appear) even before I joined Mashable.

And now he’s claiming victory on predicting the gPhone? No, I’m sorry.  It was my investigative reporting and hard work pushing the story, not his (all from Tyler, TX, without many Silicon Valley connections, either).

I was right about it being HTC.  I was right about it pushing the Google App suite (which wasn’t well formed at the time). I was right about it being more about mobile computing than attacking the iPhone.

Need proof?  Search my archives.

Need more proof? Search Google News archives.

If anyone finds the Crunchgear story, let me know, that’d be classic to link to.

Actually, here is the Crunchgear story. The link back to my site doesn’t work (due to a CMS change) but that’s the TC story that is based on my research. Thanks, Steven.

I’ll write more on this later, but this is just a quick post on a Saturday morning to stake out the area.

I’m available for interviews and quotes on the subject. @rizzn me on Twitter to get my attention.

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