Hey, WordPress users.  Have you seen this thing?


In case you haven’t, it’s part of the plug-in interface on WordPress.org.  It helps you, with your various plugins you’re interested in using or may already be using, compare your WordPress install version with the Plugin’s various version, and see the consensus on how compatible it might be.

This takes some of the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt out of upgrading – I always delay a week or two on any WordPress upgrades (unless it’s a critical security upgrade), because our production site sees heavy use daily, and the last thing I want is to have to go thru a two day system restore process because I, on a whim, decided to upgrade Akismet or something.

I can envision a future where all plugins and core upgrades give you custom compatibility matrices that go with all installed plugins to tell you the potential danger of updating a component or core item.

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