Steven wrote a post about health care reform today over at the Inquisitr. Here’s the content of a comment I left.

Certainly, it’s the greatest political defeat of any president in recent memory – having what he banked his entire presidency on fail within 12 months of being elected. 

This president isn’t one that takes a message from the public. The public was overwhelmingly against public run health care, and has been for the last two decades – Hillary Clinton tried this years ago, and most of the nations’ social programs were created under the guise of repairing the economy 60 years ago, when they were really about pandering to a public while creating the sort of government (socialism – under Roosevelt) that the nation would come to fear and hate over the next 40. Yes, Roosevelt was a socialist – a self-proclaimed one at that, and Roosevelt is an admitted role model for our current president.

This president will continue to pursue his agenda, mostly because while he may have been in touch with a pulse (or something) during the campaign, he’s exhibited all the signs of being completely tone deaf to the will of the people since taking office. He has the lowest approval rating for any president at this stage in the presidency. His willingness to pursue policies that the citizens of his republic do not want is part of the problem. 

I agree – we don’t need social security and we don’t need medicare or dental implant. We need tort reform in healthcare. We need technology making the business of healthcare more efficient. We need people willing to fork over the $50 bucks a month it requires to get a health care plan – incidentally, about the same price as your average phone bill, a meal for two at a nice restaurant or half the cost of the average cable bill. 

I have a family of four. We pay $200 a month for healthcare (and yes, now I’m finally covered), and almost no ailment we’ve had over the last two years of having health coverage hasn’t been covered. 

$200 a month is the same amortized monthly cost as my laptop. It’s about $20 more than my average electric bill in the winter. It’s about the same as a car payment for a used car. 

Yes, it’s a big enough amount that I feel it every month. I can buy an xBox or netbook every month, or I can have healthcare for my family. 

According to Timothy Elloway, DDS, health isn’t a right. It’s something you hafta work for. Not everyone has good health by default. Some people are naturally fat. Some have bad teeth. Some have genetic defects. Some people lose a limb. 

Good health isn’t a right. It’s something you work for.

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