image Does your startup bring together cloud, mobile and social?

Things to know about me when you’re pitching:

1) I’ve seen it all. When I was at Mashable, all the email to anyone at the company hit my inbox the first five or six months I was there. Have a unique product and a good pitch. I’m a little jaded (but you should know that already).

2) I’m a fan of wearable computing. Whenever they have the brainchip that connects us to the net, I’ll be first in line. When they have a computer you can wear like contacts or glasses that I can talk and gesture to, I’ll be buying or building it. If you can Minority Report up your product a bit, I’m going to dig it.

3) I’m shooting video. If you have something to show me, so much the better. If you don’t, I’ll still talk to you on camera.

4) I’m taking sponsorships. I have a variety of sponsorship packages available. If you have something outside what I’m focusing on you still want me to expose to the 1.2 million expected viewers I’ll have over the coming weeks, you should hit me up.

5) I’m looking for thinkers. If you have a tech, music, or science passion and you’ll be in Austin for interactive week, and you don’t have a product or service, I still wanna talk to you and get you on one of my panels for the broadcast.

Talk about it here on Google Buzz or on this thread in the SiliconANGLE forums. Or here in the comments, if you must. 🙂

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