As is my custom, I try to put together a wrap up video for each day I’m here at SxSWi. Today was an interesting day, since I spent so much of it in the studio (and the time I spent at the convention center, most things appeared to still be under construction).

I had a great time speaking to a good lineup of guests on the live stream (available over at SiliconANGLE during the days of the festival), but of course spring break for Silicon Valley geeks is nothing if not about the parties.  I spent a large portion of the evening with Paul Terry Walhus of Texas Coworking (along with my cohost on the stream, Michael Sean Wright) just surveying the party landscape. We did the usual stuff, picking up crowd shots to use as B-Roll for our videos and a few interviews here and there.

At one point I got swept up into the Robert Scoble aura, and Michael and I wound up on a bus with Tony Hsieh (founder of Zappos) and Frank (from @comcastcares fame).

Then something strange happened.

I had a fanboy moment.

I’m not particularly easily phased by these sorts of things. I’m realistic about the bubble in which I work.  When I go out into the meatspace world, no one knows who John Furrier, Robert Scoble, Mike Arrington or Pete Cashmore are (and certainly not me). I’m the furthest thing from ego-inflated over what I do for a living, in reality.

But I had a chance to meet Leo Laporte and shake his hand.  This is a big moment for me, even though it shouldn’t be.  He and I work in the same industry doing similar things. Both he and I have been involved in podcasting about the same length of time. I’ve referenced him, and he’s referenced me in the past, and we’ve exchanged emails. 

Heck, we’re sharing the same studio this week for our broadcasts.

Something about meeting the guy who inspired you to do what you do for a career, though, really made my day.  Perhaps even my week.

Leo Laporte is a stand up guy, and role model for almost every indie content producer, and I’m genuinely not ashamed to admit that I was thrilled to meet Leo Laporte today.

Below is me talking a bit more about it.  I go fanboy in it, about an hour after it happened. Be prepared.

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