Most of you don’t really know this about me because I haven’t advertised my political podcast here on to the twelve or so readers I have left that haven’t moved over to reading me on SiliconANGLE, but Art Lindsey and I recently stopped doing our political podcast… We were initially with RFC Radio, a streaming radio station that had about five listeners.

Then we moved over with Wendy to her former business partner’s podcast network (Take That Radio) and had significantly more listeners.

I’m not sure what happened to Take That Radio – after we left there was some sort of revolt where most everyone left the network.  I am now getting word that the first place we left, RFC Radio, has bit the dust.

In general I stayed out of the drama that these petty dictators tried to drag me into because frankly, I get enough of that from the tech blogosphere, and I don’t have the patience to deal with an even smaller fishbowl jockeying for smaller amounts of power.

So imagine my delight to learn that RFC has not only bit the dust but someone took the time to put together this Hitler Rant video over it.

Thanks to Wendy for the tip:

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