I could make some snarky comments about this, but sometimes you just don’t have to say anything.

I picked this story up from a Japanese culture blog I follow called Topless Robot:

image Yes, the Democratic representative for New Hampshire, Nick Levasseur, decided he wanted to indulge in gross stupidity and left the comment that "anime is a prime example that 2 nukes just wasn’t enough" on his Facebook page. Ignoring the silliness that is the dismissal of all anime — which is incredibly stupid, but the kind of stupid many people indulge in — and assuming that Representative Levasseur would not drop another nuclear bomb on Japan if given the opportunity, the biggest problem that I see is that New Hampshire has elected a politician stupid enough to say "anime is a prime example that 2 nukes just wasn’t enough" on his fscking Facebook page.

Did he think it would be met with resounding cheers? Did he think that anime was a hot button issue that middle-class America desperately wanted violent retaliation for? Did he honestly think he could make a jest about dropping a bomb on another nation and not sound like a horrible imbecile? Bleh.

Wow. Just wow.

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