I did a little mini-doc containing my thoughts around Location Based Social Networks (entitled “The Great LBS Wars of 2010”). Full description and post is up at SiliconANGLE.

This is a non autoplaying version of the embed, so feel free to share it around for those of you who hated the other version.

From my post at SA:

Jeff Pulver and Justin Kownacki have been advancing a conversation last week week that the germ of which started at this year’s SxSWi in Austin. In imageSiegler-esque headlines, the question is “What was this year’s Twitter at SxSW?”

In terms that don’t make the early adopters gag, the real question is actually: “How relevant and likely to go mainstream are the location based social networks, with emphasis on Foursquare and Gowalla?” Location-based social networks were the buzz of the conference, or at least what most people were paying attention to during the show, due to the hype from a couple of specific organizations.

After trying to pay attention to what would be 2009’s Twitter and coming away somewhat disappointed, I decided to just keep an open mind, schedule tons of briefings and see what themes emerged from the conference this year.  I came away with a much different conclusion that what most did, which I’ll get into in later posts, but in terms of the “location based social networking wars,” I think the clear answer as to which one is going to end up mainstream and replacing Twitter is: none of them.

In their essence, a location based social network is simply a feature of another service, and generally isn’t something you can build up a service around that most people are going to be interested in.  Certainly, both Gowalla and Foursquare were very heavily used in Austin this year, but mostly because Austin is very much an edge case for this type of usage.

I know there are some rough edges on this video, but getting it out and it still being timely was a bit more important than it being perfect. Hope you enjoy it.

[Editor’s Note: Photo credits to Dean Terry. Some video credits to Michael Sean Wright, Chuck Reynolds, Greeblemonkey, and GamingTrend. –mrh]

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