My friend Steven Hodson often says that there are two things he was taught never to bring up in polite company: politics and religion.

I’ve never been accused of being “the polite blogger,” but when I think of folks like @DrKiki (of Leo’s science hour), I do think an aspect of her personality as being quite polite (and in person, too, incidentally. Got a chance to meet her briefly in Austin).

image So why, then, is it kosher for these science types feel it’s OK to push atheism in our faces (which goes under the more politically correct term “skepticism” now) when they get all over our case for talking about things spiritual?

For that matter, at what point did science become a quasi-religious movement of anti-theists? Isn’t science supposed to be about, you know, finding stuff out (as opposed to stamping stuff out)?

I’m just asking questions (for which I fully expect to be flamed for – previously, previously, previously, and sorta previously).

I’m not an overly religious person (though I maintain my spiritual beliefs privately and teach them to my family). I don’t enjoy being marginalized, even if it’s subtly, by those who consider themselves on the frontlines of the intellectualists.

I’ve got more to say on this – some theories and research to back up my position of this “war” between science and religion from the imagination of the “skeptics,” but I’m curious if I’m the only one who feels this way and wonders these things.

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