First of all, I’ve got to say that I’m a little disappointed in the fact that many people aren’t automatically on Gizmodo’s side here. I wrote some quick comments yesterday afternoon, which you can read here (and I still stand behind).

I’ve heard a lot of angles as to why people are supporting Apple in this fight, but I’ll draw the line in the sand right here: if you still support Apple after this travesty of an abuse of process, you are an adherent of the Church of Jobs. There is no other explanation. You’re either on his payroll or you worship the man and his plastic iReligious icons.


These are our people, dear readers. Bloggers. Content producers. Those who go to tech events and talk about them. Those who buy the new devices and review them. Those that create interesting stories related to technology for us to consume.

And guess who started at the bottom of that world and built and empire? Nick Denton. Yeah, he’s had an odd corporate culture once it became of a size to be a corporation. There are probably people that have worked for Nick over the course of his career you hate (particularly if you’ve shown up in Valleywag before).

That doesn’t matter, though. This is exactly the type of case we need to care about, because if Apple can “steer” the police to pursue the theft of a $300 device that results in a blogger’s door being bashed in, then what’s to stop the Blackwaters, Enrons, and Halliburtons of the world?

Seriously, take a breath here, change the name of Apple in your head to Walmart or something, and re-examine your feelings on this.

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