image This is just a quick note to say that I’m particularly in love with a simple app out there called Dlvr.IT.

It’s helped me pare down my social media workflow.

You know, that problem that Louis Gray seems to address once every six months? Should I automatically send Google Reader shares to Twitter? Should I share Twitter to Google Buzz? What about Buzz to Facebook? The list goes on and on.

I had said (publicly) that when I stop to consider organizing my social media workflow, I get overwhelmed.  It’s because I’m on a lot of services and I have much of the same audience and friends everywhere, but with different expectations in each place.

On Twitter, I do a fair amount of link sharing, but it’s mostly my work at SiliconANGLE. On Facebook, I have a subset of my Twitter audience there mixed in with college and high school friends. On MySpace, it’s entirely friends from my hometown of Tyler. On Google Reader, I share out a lot of the same things I do on Twitter, but with a much higher volume (around 40-50 a day, sometimes), with a lot more humor thrown in.

With Dlvr.IT, I can now tag my shares and comments in my various places and send them where I want. If I’m on Google Buzz, I can put in #tw, and it’ll go to Twitter. If I leave a comment on someone’s blog, I can tag it #fb in the text somewhere and through BackType it’ll go to Facebook. I can leave a Facebook comment and tag it #my and it’ll go to MySpace as well (that doesn’t really happen a lot, though, as you’d rightly guess).

I’m not sure that this is how the system was envisioned to work, but it’s how I use it, and it’s taken the pain out of how I share stuff. It removes the need for me to wait for Salmon (at least for the reasons I’m most in dire need of it now), it eliminates the need for me to set up precarious content daisy chains, and it removes the need for me to explain it all in a blog post with handy-dandy flowcharts.

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