image Spoiler Alert: I’m looking scouting locations today for possible video shoots on an upcoming project. I’ll just let that one hang out there and you guys can guess at what I’m working on.

In the process of scouting locations, I thought I’d take the time to hit up my favorite Dallas area coworking spot (or secret coworking club, as it were), Big In Japan.  No disrespect the the absolutely stunning recent and existing entrants in the Dallas coworking community, but there’s something to be said for working next to a nine-foot Incredible Hulk statue.

imageTurns out – they’re moving! And the space isn’t exactly open for business until October or so, according to space coordinator Alex Muse.

He showed me the layout of the new place (which you can check out for yourself on the Architel website).

The whole thing made me realize that it’s time for an update on the whole Texas Coworking scene, since it’s been a year or more since I did an update on that.

So if you’re in Dallas, and you’re in a coworking space – expect a visit from me in the next day or two (if not today!).  That means go take out the trash and clean up the desks – I’ll be taking pictures.

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