In case you missed the rush to dance in Microsoft’s grave a few minutes ago, the OS giant just confirmed that the KIN phone has been folded into the Windows Phone 7 project.

Here is Microsoft’s official statement on the Kin:

“Microsoft has made the decision to focus on the Windows Phone 7 launch and will not ship KIN in Europe this fall as planned. Additionally, we are integrating our KIN team with the Windows Phone 7 team, incorporating valuable ideas and technologies from KIN into future Windows Phone releases. We will continue to work with Verizon in the U.S. to sell current KIN phones.”

Of course, the way it’s being spun, it’s the most monumental failure since the Bay of Pigs invasion.


The myopic viewpoints of the tech press continues to amaze even cynical ol’ me.

Seriously. Did I miss a meeting of the satanic cabal of tech writers? Did my invite get lost in the mail?

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