image I know this is a longshot, particularly since Spotify is one of those “private clubs with memberships available,” but I wanted to poll the three or four of you who regularly read my personal blog.

I use Spotify almost daily. I’ve started creating playlists of stuff I like, and one of the neat features is the ability to share out playlists to others. It’s kind of a neat way to curate music.

Here’s my question: You interested in collecting my collections? I can post them here on the blog.

I’ll give you a teaser – I’ve put together an as-complete-as-it-can-be soundtrack from Galaxy News Radio on Fallout 3 (the freakin’ epicly huge XBox 360 RPG). It’s comprised mostly of 1920’s-1940’s era pop and jazz, and it’s surprisingly addictive music.

I don’t know how to get a text read-out of my playlist that I can copy and paste into the post. If this is something you’d like in future versions, let me know, and I’ll include that.

This collection is called Fallout 3: GNR.
Here’s the HTTP link. Here’s the Spotify link.

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