I found a new time-suck this morning: MultiUser Sketchpad. Hat tip to: Jesse Baer, and Filip.

The principle is pretty simple… It’s a webapp where multiple people can draw on the same pad.  In practice, there are less people drawing penises on everything than you might expect, but people still show a fair degree of carelessness about what you are working on.

For instance, I was drawing one of my little doodle cartoon characters in this sketch:


Someone took the time to add the astounding life observation: “Shit Happens.”  Welp, so much for this being a clean blog post.

Then someone took the time to draw a turtle humping my little bug guy.


Ten or so minutes later, after grabbing a cup of coffee and coming back, the screen was unrecognizable.


All in all, it’s a technically brilliant piece of software, and something fascinating to watch happen. Also, just a little bit infuriating.

For more technical information, check out this post.

Wanna play with it? Click here.

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