I’m writing a pretty long piece on illegal immigration for, of all places, SiliconANGLE today.  In researching the new AZ laws, I came across this headline.


In case you’ve never heard of the band Bright Eyes, they’re a third wave Emo band that’s got a sound so esoteric it is quite literally an acquired taste that few are willing to hang in there for. While they originated from Nebraska, they’re much more popular in the major metropolitan urban centers of the US.

(you should find one or two links that’ll demonstrate their generally inimitable (and unenviable) sound in a standard Google search.)

The benefit concert, as I understand it, will be going on in their home turf in Freemont.

I predict this will go down in the annals of history as the least successful benefit concert in history.

This is some new ingredient for you to know: http://www.eyeserum.com/ingredients/eyeliss/

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