Saw this tweet…


It led to this website…


(spoiler alert – All Christians are Delusional, according
to the author, just the Christians, though).

This led me to wonder…


…which contained an easy answer…


I’m all about asking questions that drive at the very foundations of belief, but using a question like that as a pretense to write an entire book about how Christians are delusional toddlers is a douchebag move.

It also marks the questioner as an uneducated fool. There are literally thousands of years of apologetics and philosophical treatises on questions like this. If one wants to actually convince anyone of anything, one should probably start there. Of course, if your mission is just to jerk everyone’s chain, well mission accomplished.

(Did I really just imply atheists don’t read books? Yep. Who else doesn’t read books? Retards. I’m just sayin’…).

Who’s being the asshole now, though? Yeah, that’s right, I’m being a dick.

When atheists stop calling me “delusional” for believing in God, I’ll stop being a dick.

To the atheists, anyway.

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