I was playing around on my XBox, trying out different plugins for PlayOn, a service which allows you to watch podcasts on your TV via your XBox.

I was watching an interview Kevin Rose did with Marissa Mayer.  The first question Kevin asked was whether or not any of the search terms that comes through the system ever shocks her.

Of course, her answer dodged the question, and she played up the fact that the most popular searches on Google truly reflect the Zeitgeist of the world.


I’m reminded of that when I saw a post shared out by someone on Google Reader showing what pops up from Google’s “autocomplete” feature when you type in the phrase “Obama is ”.

I wound up trying it out myself to make sure it checked out. Below is a screenshot from my computer.


It’s unclear if this is generated from global, national or state algorithms, or if Google generates these based on my social circle.  In most of the likely sample-sets, they’re supposedly predominantly liberal-friendly, or if popular media is to be believed, at least Obama-friendly.

Nowhere on the list is the obvious query: “Obama is the president,” or “Obama is the leader” or anything of that nature. All the queries are 100% negative in their connotation, in the context of polite political discourse.

There’s something to be said about the fact that to create the negative Google momentum around former President Bush, a Google-bomb was required.  These queries are all natural, folks.