image I saw this post by Owen Thomas over at Venturebeat: “Open-standards advocate Monica Keller leaves Facebook, joins Socialcast.”

Facebook’s efforts to raise its reputation for technological openness suffered a blow with the departure of Monica Keller, a well-regarded program manager for open Web standards whose career at the company proved short-lived.

It’s just one of very many recent departures from Facebook in recent months, and one of (I predict, anyways) many more to come in the months ahead.

I think I may have mentally stumbled upon the reason why.

You know why, in life, it’s not a generally good idea to date the guy or girl who relationship hops? The one that’s never been alone for more than a few days at a time and tries to date around your circle of friends?

Sort of the same thing in the corporate world.  John Battelle (if memory serves) had the thought back when Facebook was stealing all those “top talents” from Google that these were really just the chaff of the organization. These were the least loyal or least productive, and Google wasn’t fighting to keep them.

In the beginning, it would be a PR hit for Google, but in the end, they’d be a much more efficient company for it.

Now, because of their innate desire for the bigger, better thing, I predict we’ll be seeing many of these same folks head off to greener pastures.

[Photo credit: Adam Tinworth. –mrh]

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