Best comment I’ve seen on this stupid, supposed Facebook Mail announcement for next week, by John Baker, on Google Buzz:

John Baker – So, how are people going to respond when Facebook becomes the largest e-mail provider in the world? They will say that, and they will be truthful, if only because every account will by opt-in have an e-mail account. Day one: nada. Day two: World leader!

There are a lot of sheep out there who will hear this statement of fact as if it were some kind of magic – "Oh, everyone must really like Facebook after all!"

I absolutely agree with Margie D Casados and her privacy concerns. Further, I question the article author’s awareness: people who write like writers already have a method to keep their writing. They have to.

People who are telling their friends what color poop their kid kicked out last week? Not so much. And that happens to be what a lot of conversation on facebook is all about – stuff you don’t care if someone listens to it, because it’s not important to you.

I track a few people on FB. When I want to write to them, I use e-mail. And it stays nice and safe, far away from Facebook.

5:06 pm

Game, set, match. What else you got, ya Techcrunch rumormongers (yes, I’m looking at you, MG and Steve).

On a related note, Steve’s diatribe on FBmail reads like beat poetry.

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