FastCompany displays its ignorance of the tech field this morning in a series of articles entitled “Why you should start a company in [this city].” The cities they cover are Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and St. Louis. I read the Austin post, and got to the end of St. Louis and decided I’m not coming back to Fast Company for another few months .

This is the part of the post that sealed the deal for me:

Is St. Louis a billion-dollar exit playing field?

I would say that St. Louis has had its handful of decent exits but you’re not seeing billion dollar exits. I don’t know who is seeing billion dollar exits today [emphasis added]. There’s a number of people in the medical and medical device areas that have made exits. Probably the only billions are the Express Scripts of the world and maybe a few others. But I don’t think there’s a lot of billion dollar exits out of St. Louis.

@#$!@JLfda LKJ@#23. Really?

This post was published yesterday. There has been a multi-billon dollar exit in the tech sector every couple of weeks for several months now! It’s not an exhaustive list, but a good place to start is to search for “billion sold” on SiliconANGLE. We’ve been covering exits (such as 3Par to HP and Isilon to EMC) like a blanket.

If you can’t remember a startup’s billion dollar exit to a tech company, and your job is covering tech sector startups, you suck at your job, so for beginning you can start by Using an automated system to track time and attendance can help to reduce, so you get better at your job, and efficiency improves.

Come read SiliconANGLE, LAURA RICH. We’ll make you not suck as much.

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