You know it’s sad when Business Insider is the voice of reason in the tech blogosphere. I previously explained Techcrunch’s shoddy reporting on the rape situation, and I also pointed out that most of Assange’s defense was based on reporting by a guy who wanted to de-criminalize rape.

Here’s a media find by Business Insider on the same topic.

During a interview with ABC News reporter Jim Sciutto yesterday Assange walked away from the cameras when Sciutto began describing those charges.

Sciutto: Speaking specifically, and I have to ask you about this, the allegations in Sweden…are you saying there’s been undue influence on the women who’ve made these accusations?  Or is it undue influence on the prosecutors?  See I was in the courtroom all these times and there was talk of forcibly spreading her legs, holding her down so she couldn’t move.

Assagne: C’mon, c’mon. I’m sorry.  C’mon, c’mon.  [walks off]

When Sciutto followed him to apologize, saying "I meant no insult by it," Assagne turned away calling him a "tabloid schmuck." 

Assange has been described as “media savvy.”

The guy is a pompous ass who for some reason thought that some sort of worldwide respect for free speech would protect him from his criminal acts.

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