One thing I’ve run into time and time again in talking about Wikileaks with people in my social circles on the various social networks here – no one has actually read anything about Julian Assange or any of the Wikileak’d cables. Not surprising – why bother reading when you can watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, sound informed, and get by with most people who casually ask you “So whatcha think about them thar Wikileaks?”

For instance, most people don’t know that Assange was actually charged with what equates to date rape. If you just watch The Daily Show, you pretty much think the whole thing is about a retroactive desire some chick had about a condom. Also, many people don’t realize that included within the leaked cables were locations of infrastructure the United States considers critical to global security. Again, something else that wasn’t talked about on Comedy Central.

So, in the continuing tradition of providing information to the idiots who continue to engage in the Wikileaks debate, I provide this infographic. It’ll sate your desire to feel as if you are informed without providing you any real information relevant to the discussion.

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