If you’re seriously comparing Sarah Palin to Muslim extremists, you’re a moron.

imageIf I were to say a “really big moron,” that would be both insensitive and redundant, since Michael Moore is both exceedingly large and exceedingly stupid.

People I used to have some degree of respect for were blocked by me on Twitter yesterday for giving airtime to two things:

1) Being a conservative makes you pre-disposed to violent political criminal acts (yes, I saw this theory put forth many times).

2) Being Sarah Palin right now is the equivalent to being a terrorist.

I really wish it was obvious to most folks why both of these ideas are ridiculous. It pains me to have to even point it out. It makes me weep for humanity and our society.

I’ll make a deal – if you refuse to suggest that these things may be true on public forums (like Twitter or Facebook or your blog), I won’t block you.

Basically, if you think that members of the Republican party are equivalent to Muslim extremists, I don’t want to know you. Why? Because you’re probably a moron, and I don’t want to take a chance on it being contagious.

[Context, for readers in the future: A democrat representative from Arizona was shot by a retarded teenager. Rather than grieve or search for the facts of the case, a disturbingly large number of democrats I saw on twitter took the opportunity to link to a post from Markos Moulitos (from the Daily Kos), saying that Sarah Palin put out a map / infographic identifying key vulnerable house seats for Conservatives to run hard against. The infographic used a sort of bulls-eye / cross-hair thing. One of the vulnerable seats was the democrat who was shot (after, of course, she was elected). Democrats now think that they’re going to be shot by Sarah Palin.]

It occurs to me, as I’m writing down the sequence of events that’s lead to Sarah Palin being called a terrorist, that there’s clearly another serious indicator of mental retardation being endemic to democrats: If Sarah Palin really does wield the sort of power that can get random folks in politics killed, is it really a good idea to go around calling her a terrorist?

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