For the record:

  • I could give two sh!ts as to whether Techcrunch reads my blog or not.
  • They started the “war” when they began badmouthing me and the rest of my co-workers at Mashable back in 2006-ish. By “war” I mean where I don’t think highly of them, and by “badmouthing me” I mean giving a friend a ride home from the Crunchies and subjecting him to “Rizzn sucks” conversation the whole way.
  • I actually unsubscribed from Techcrunch a few months ago, after finally realizing that they weren’t all that relevant to my work anymore. I suggest “The Next Web” as a suitable replacement. Covers a similar beat, ultra quick to the news, and you don’t have to put up with arrogant and ignorant posts from Mike Arrington, MG Siegler and Devin Coldewey.
  • I don’t mind Robin Wauters’ writing all that much. He’s one of the few folks left over there with the ability to compose solid analysis.
  • Louis Gray made an excellent suggestion: Don’t subscribe to Techcrunch, subscribe to the Robin Wauters minus Techcrunch feed courtesy of Shyftr.
  • Techcrunch writers definitely read both SiliconANGLE and my personal blog. I wasn’t lying. I do have Woopra installed.
  • Why are you reading this bullshit post, anyway? Go read that thing that Steven wrote.

Still, pretty funny Twitter snapshot, right?

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