So, at the moment, I’m working on two things.

One is a boring hand off document that takes a science project I’ve been working on and turns it into a product that SiliconANGLE will be developing. That’s exciting to a certain extent (even though documenting my code and processes exhaustively is most definitely drudgery).

The other thing I’m working on is putting together the clips and highlights from John Furrier’s second episode of Extraction Points.

The show itself has had some bumps in the road – we’re still working out the kinks on the clockwheel and production elements, but by the standards of first and second episodes of internet only shows, it stands head and shoulders above almost any other show I’ve worked on this early on. That’s due to there being so many veterans working on making it a success.

I’ll boast about the show at some point in the near future here on my blog. Expect it.

That’s not what this post is about, though. At least not directly.

One of the things talked about on the show was the role that Roku as a company played in bringing Al Jazeera’s round the clock streaming coverage to the million or so Roku users. It’s an exciting story. It’ll be up on SiliconANGLE tomorrow (and if I think of it, I’ll post an update on this post pointing to it).

It’s a given, amongst most circles online, that the revolution in Egypt is a Good Thing.

Unfortunately, most of us haven’t done a lot of background research on the motivations of the protest turned revolution. Certainly fewer of us have actually looked into who will be seizing power in the currently existing vacuum.

I saw some troubling reports from an old highschool classmate – she’s a history professor now, I think – who mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood in connection with the Cairo protests.

That’s a name I’m familiar with. You need to be familiar with it, too.

If you’re not, watch the following clip (if you’re on Google Reader, you may need to click through to watch).

Yes, I know it’s from MSNBC. Watch it anyway. It’s a rare gem. You need to see it.

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