I’ve posted other fun chat logs with bots in the past. This one seems to be pretty much a slightly modified variant on the old ones from six or so years ago.

Funny that this one lies about its age. The name is juicyqt72, which indicates that, born in 1972, “she’d” be 39, yet “she” claims to be 24 in the first response, is funny beause I don’t use this kind of services online, and I know for a fact there are other services that offer more than webcams like Zoom Escorts and others.



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Bonus: this never quite explained thing from 2003 where Google was crawling IRC conversations that one time.

Chat with juicyqt72
1 message

juicyqt72 <juicyqt72@aim.com> Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 11:28 AM
To: rizzn.dourden@gmail.com
11:21 AM juicyqt72: 🙂
me: hello
juicyqt72: hi .. have we chatted before? 24/female here…you?
me: don’t think so. just saw a friend request
11:22 AM juicyqt72: i’m sorry ..i get to be forgetful at times!! how’re you??
me: i’m fine.
juicyqt72: Just got out of the shower…long day been kind of busy! but i’m feeling naughty! so what’s up ….. want to have some fun? 😉
me: I always love fun! do you play magic the gathering?
11:23 AM juicyqt72: I need a man that can make me squirt……have u ever made a girl squirt? lolz
me: Squirt what? Capri Sun? My sons do that sometimes, but then I yell at them for getting it all over the carpet.
juicyqt72: gonna change my clothes … want to see ? 😉
11:24 AM me: no thanks.
juicyqt72: no worries..thouhght u wanted to see me naked ..:)
me: What gave you that idea?
11:25 AM juicyqt72: wanna play on cam?
me: Magic the gathering? Hells yeah!
I’ll break out my special deck!
juicyqt72: click <URL REDACTED> ..k, now fill out ur info ..don’t worry it’s FREE …. ..give it a second to load ..when you get in we’ll make a private room ….k?
me: you know there’s a video button on this chat window, right?
11:26 AM I don’t want to go to a porn site to play Magic.
juicyqt72: i use this site to play on cuz i don’t want to be recorded !…this site doesn’t allow users to record my webcam! you know?
Accept the invite, if you need the link again its <URL REDACTED>
me: Google doesn’t allow you to record in Gchat either.
Are you afraid I’ll record your play style and capture your strategy?
juicyqt72: credit card is just to verify your age, you’ll get in for free thru my page but you need to verify that you’re an adult …can’t show ass and pussy to minors .. u know?
me: What?
11:27 AM I don’t need to see your pussy to play Magic.
juicyqt72: let me know when you’re done or if you need help …i’ll be gettin’ ready for you ..K ? 😉
my pussy is nice and tight 😉
me: What is wrong with you?
I don’t want to see your pussy!
juicyqt72: brb.. 1 second … got to restart my cam …u coming?
want to taste my pussy?? 🙂
11:28 AM me: I don’t think so. You don’t seem to know the first thing about playing Magic.
Step 1: It doesn’t require your pussy.
juicyqt72: k ur good let me know when you’re in babe..
my pussy is nice and tight 😉
me: I don’t think you’re listening.
juicyqt72: are you in yet?
me: No.
Go away.
11:29 AM juicyqt72: kYou have blocked juicyqt72
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