Finally – someone who agrees with me (at least publicly) on the whole Business Insider / Henry Blodget thing.

I’ve been bagging on Blodget for as long as I can remember. The dude was apparently some sort of huckster on Wall Street, and he’s been quite obviously a huckster in the New Media business.

That hasn’t stopped people from reading his link bait and quoting it as if it were actual journalism.

I’ve actually stopped bagging on the guy – as much – recently because I figured it was a losing war. People will read the tripe they want to read, and nothing I say about the National Enquirer, Business Insider, or any other junk publication will change people’s minds.

Kara changed that today by being one of the loudest voices to call shens on Blodget in a long time:

On some level of journalism, I guess anything could happen.

At least that’s according to a recent article by Business Insider’s Henry Blodget about an alleged “mole” at Twitter who was allegedly spying for Google, specifically about an exec the microblogging service was trying to poach from the Silicon Valley search giant.

In a decidedly splashy, hello-traffic, ALL-CAPs headline–THE SEARCH FOR THE “TWITTER MOLE”: All Eyes On John Doerr”–Blodget pointed his J’accuse finger at the legendary venture capitalist as the culprit.

Based on…

Well, based on nothing, it appears, except rank speculation and what appears to be no attempt to get Doerr to comment.

And then, in classic Kara:

It’s kind of like thinking that sparkly Civil War-era vampire falling in love with a moody chick in the Pacific Northwest and flying through the pines all day and mooning over their cruel fate was real.

Okay, that was a Hollywood movie called “Twilight,” but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

Thus, Doerr–a tough customer to be sure, capable of all kinds of sharp-elbowed behavior–is guilty until proven innocent?

Or just not guilty at all, but let’s just say he might be anyway, without a shred of evidence, because it could have happened!

And even more classic:

Speaking of evidence, less than a week later, Jarvert–oops, I mean, Blodget–was back in another kangaroo court performance with another terrifically loud headline:

“The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook Just Filed A Boatload Of New Evidence–And It’s Breathtaking.”

Breathtaking, I guess, if you are in that fantasy teenaged girl mode, but deeply suspect if you are anyone with a modicum of journalistic responsibility.

That’s Kara Swisher saying, essentially, “Henry Blodget has no sense of ethics as a journalist.”

Thank you, Kara.

Previously: I called Blodget a non-mathematician, part of the problem, and a retard. I also called it sad when Business Insider is a voice of reason, pointed to them getting taken in by a PR stunt, said his organization was incapable of good analysis, said one of his employees was incapable of critical thought, and highlighted their opinion that eInk was a dead tech.

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